Creativity and Online Portfolios


       The internet is taking over the world and the thought without sends many to  the time of cavemen. Most job job applications, company trying, classes, and resources are all inline. Many people may not choose to buy a book from Barnes and Noble or check out a  book at their local library. The reason? everything could be available at  your fingertips. Books can be bought and rented online. Yet, traditional resumes are something that remains. Many employers scan over and a traditional resume doesn’t give your future employer a glimpse of who you are as a person. So what are the benefits of an online portfolio? 

A quick search of your name online could bring up many images and

hopefully the good type. Not the one of you clubbing on a random
Tuesday or that embarrassing photo of you sticking fries up your nose. Pieces that represent who you are as a person. Employers could see how serious you are all by looking for your online presence.

2)Your Personal Brand
Lets face it you can’t represent a brand that specializes in vintage cars and your brand revolves around fashion and lifestyle. Knowing
who are trying to attract ahead of time could save you a little
grief. Your employer could easily decide by your image layout, your
editing style, and the way you write if your brand will be right for
their company.

3)A Glimpse of You
Imagine instead your employer getting a vague, unappealing, black and white piece of paper they could easily google who are. The pictures you take, the style of your images, how you choose to edit, your writing style could all open a door to a glimpse of who you are. An image says a lot if you’re edgey, intuitive, creative, simplistic, orconventional.

4) Flexibility
Instead of the chore of going to a computer, looking up your resume
file, and editing the old information could be the end you the world for some. Yet if you could have the flexibility to do a quick edit online with the mobile device that stays close a change could be an
easy fix.

5)Appeal To The Eye
let’s be honest a white and black sheet of paper could be a little
boring to read and could cause potential employers to skip over
valuable qualities about you. Having your online portfolio allows
viewers an insight of you. Something a sheet of paper or online
document couldn’t really do. It Gives employers a glimpse of yourself and allows you to have an easier time catching your audiences


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