Do you know your rights and responsibilities?

Many employees aren’t fully aware of their rights when it comes to hazards and work safety. However being able to identify these rights result in a safe work environment.



Everyday you come into contact with potential hazards if you detect that you and/or someone else is at risk it is our right to question your well being. Simple hazards such as things on the floor, boxes not shelved correctly, expired food are some small hazards that could certainly be fixed by you the employee. However larger hards such as fallen glass, chemical spills, unstable or uncooperative machinery are a few hazards that your employer tend to deal with.occupational-health-common-hazards-in-the-workplace-1-638

There are several steps on assessing a hazardous situation. As an employee if you 1. spot the hazard you then 2. assess the risk of the hazard present, and 3. you try to make changes so the work place is safe you and other coworkers.



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