Scripting Languages

A programming language designed to interact with other programming languages. Scripting language are normally used together with another programming language such as Javascript, HTML, C++, and many others. Five of the following are scripting languages that we would use:


The Tool Command Language was developed to be a language made to embed in systems but is used by aspiring engineers for producing prototypes and process control. Made with simple syntax where everything is a command. This language can be strong  with keywords and commands. It’s also used for machines for easy control easy.


A scripting language made in the late 1980s. It started as a language  that contained strong text-handling and string-handling. Later it’s kept those features  and added others it has become a go to language for scripting CGI. .


One of the most common scripting languages on websites it is a server scripting language. It calls and delivers data from a server. Those who are making a Web site that requires information from a database, would resort to PHP.


HyperCard originally called HyperTalk used to get applications to distribute information from one another has moved on to AppleScript. A piece of the scripting capability of the Mac OS X this language works well with Shell scripts, Automator, and Services. An interesting feature of AppleScript includes not actually having to program. For Mac users  AppleScript provides steps to program.


Javascript unlike the other languages is universal. Supported by many browsers it can be found in many websites. Extened to add ons and plugins it’s even spreader its wings to HTML5.Scripting L


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